Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tough week, but glad it's the weekend!

Hello everyone! So happy it's finally the weekend! This week was such a drag and felt like it was never going to end!! So glad I can finally relax and take it easy this weekend as I am just getting over a mild cold. Sneezing and constantly blowing my nose is no fun! Anyway enough of my whining.

This week my husband traveled for business across the country (California). He left on Sunday and didn't return until 11am Wednesday morning. He caught the red eye flight Tuesday night hoping he'd get to sleep on the flight, but failed to do so. Poor guy, then he had to work all day Wednesday! Luckily he was able to work from home!

I have been feeling pretty good lately other than my cold that I am trying to get rid of without any medication! It definitely takes a lot longer, but a cold is a cold. There's not much you can do other than suck on cough drops and hot tea to soothe your sore throat. Since my cold is affecting my taste, there wasnt much of an appetite this week. I actually took pictures of every one of my meals yesterday so here goes it.

Yesterday morning I woke up and went to the gym and worked on the elliptical for 40 minutes. My legs were definitely feeling it, a great work out indeed. Came home and had my chia pudding for the first time. Before I left for the gym, I soaked 2T chia seeds in 1/3 cup rice milk.  Once I was ready to eat after my shower, I cut up a kiwi, with skin on, sprinkled blueberries, walnuts and drizzle of sunflower seed butter. I took a before and after photo to show you the blueberries were really under everything!

I got to work and hung out with the little one for a while, played a puzzle game and she went off to play by herself in her bed room. I got to finish my Hypnobirthing book!! Such a great read for someone who wants a normal, natural birth without intervention.

Eventually it was time to eat again, my mid morning snack was consumed before the little one had her dentist appointment at 11am. A handful of baby carrots, strawberries, blueberries and pineapple. And water to get my fill in for the day. Hydrate, Hydrate! 

The little one didn't have any cavities, surprisingly because she eats so much candy! Her mother even lets her eat candy at 9am! Its crazy! We then went to the library to return some DVD's that we rented and read some books. Then it was lunch time when we came home! I love to eat and look forward to every meal daily!! We were crushed for time running around trying to get everything in because the little one had gymnastics. 

I even forgot to take a picture of my lunch! It consisted of chopped carrots, sugar snap peas, fresh basil leaves, shelled edamame, cooked broccoli, sunflower seeds in a lemon/mustard dressing. It was good but lacked flavor probably because of my cold. eh. I also had a half piece of an adora chocolate disc for something sweet. 

Went to gymnastics and came home completely wiped. With being pregnant, I do just fine in the morning until around 3p it hits me. All I wanted to do was just sit and do nothing, but that didn't happen. The little one wanted to go for a ride on her tricycle around the block, so we did that. It was actually nice out but then the sun hid behind the clouds and it got chilly!! We also had to meet her sister at the bus stop. After we picked her sister up we went for ice cream. While the girls got their usual sweet treats, I had my mid afternoon snack of an apple and the rest of the fruit I didn't eat from earlier this morning. I love me some apple, I always have one every single day!! I love it! Again, no photo. We ate our snack in the car while listening to music. 

Finally back at work with both girls at home, they were tired too so they asked to put in a movie. They relaxed while I folded laundry and tidied around the house. Finally the mother walked in and paid me (it's pay day every Friday)! I was so glad to be in my car on my way home!! I was looking forward to a delicious dinner planned. It was baked lemon salmon with caprese salad topped with avocados and a side of saute peas. Every bite was delicious, but I got really full! I was starving and have to learn to stop when I'm full! With having a baby in my belly takes up half the room, I can't eat as much. I can have more small meals throughout the day, just not a huge meal in one sitting. Lesson learned, many times! 

The husband and I finally sat down to relax and watch some TV. Caught up with each other on our day and then about 30 minutes later, I got a growling stomach, but I wanted sweets and didnt know what I wanted. So I decided to have a bit of everything! 

This was a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Dark chocolate covered marshmallow, some tummy trouble chews from trader joes, two black licorice (ate the other one, not pictured), some whole dried cranberries and semi sweet chocolate chips. Chucked water after and felt a bit sick ;( I'm not sure if its because my body isnt used to eating this much sweets or I just drank too much water too quickly. I eventually decided to just go to bed because maybe I was tired too? I think that was it because I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillows!

So, that was my eats for the day! Hope you guys had a good week and have a wonderful weekend my friends! ;) 

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